Falls Prevention online course and program

Improve balance at any age. Learn effective strategies and exercises to prevent falls

Online chair yoga classes

Embrace gentle movements, increase vitality in body and mind, right from the comfort of your chair.

By enhancing balance, the risk of falls can be reduced.

Balance allows individuals to remain active and perform necessary everyday tasks.

It is well known that as we age, falls prevention becomes important to avoid debilitating injuries and loss of autonomy. By improving balance, it is possible to reduce the risk of falls.

Falls Prevention online course – 14 weeks

Take steps toward maintaining autonomy and preventing falls in your daily life.

In this program, you will become aware of risk factors and learn to develop your muscles, awareness, and balance using specially chosen yoga poses for this purpose. Each class is structured around a specific risk factor and offers tailored exercises and movements to strengthen your body and mind.

The program lasts for 14 weeks, in which you will learn practical tools to incorporate falls prevention to your daily life.

Preventing falls means maintaining your autonomy for as long as possible.

Falls Prevention Teacher-Training Program – 1 day

This program is reserved for yoga teachers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

This Falls Prevention teacher-training program will give you the tools and the structure to teach the Yoga tout 2 Falls Prevention 14 week class to seniors.

Falls represent:

  • 85% of hospitalizations due to injuries
  • 95% of all hip fractures

Direct costs are estimated at over 2 billion dollars.

Fall prevention is a priority for both federal and provincial governments.

The social costs are significant, but the human costs far exceed them!

When a fall occurs, a spiral of fear takes hold. The person who has fallen limits their movements, becomes weaker, further limits their movements, and so on.

In this teacher-training program you will discover the factors that influence balance, as well as exercises, tips, and tricks to improve it.